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26 August 2010


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Account Deleted

Hey Trevor! Long time no post. And you quoted Zach wrong there. His guest comic was
Guest Lecture #9 - Zach Weiner http://www.survivingtheworld.net/GuestLecture9.html
and he gives a nod to Kuhn's paradigm shift concept. The one about baseball was by "Old Hoss Radbourn", whoever that guy is. But keep the good work. I liked your critique of Zach (I agreed with about half of it, which is pretty cool for me).

T. Strunk

Oh, dang, my mistake. For what it's worth, I thought Zach's was good, too, though I'll definitely have to start following Old Hoss Radbourn on twitter. That's some good baseball comedy right there.

Also, thanks for the kind words. It's cool that people are still stopping by even after the whole firestorm. Hopefully Mike and I find time to post again soon; I know we've both had posts on the brain with just not a lot of time. Keep an eye out, though.

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