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19 July 2010


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I read both the critique and then this post and I would summarize the situation as "Whiny asshole gets called out for being a whiny asshole, then tries to claim he's not a whiny asshole and that the internet is mean to him."

There is no actual thoughtful critique in anything here.


"I’ll fully admit to not quite getting (and still not appreciating) the pun that many of the commenters suggested in the homeless theory professor strip,"

There is really very little to understand about the pun. Your appreciation is of course your own subjectivity.

The home as a concept is generally regarded as a structure. Some might call a particular geographical region "home" but that's much less common than when one is referring to the building in which they sleep every night.

Like the idea of a "post-racism America" representing an America that does not discriminate on race, the pun draws the same parallel of "post-structuralism" to portray a state which does involve any structures. He he homeless -> he has no home -> he has no house/apartment/condo/tent -> he has no "structure" -> he is "post-structural", with the common understanding of the term "home".


I confess that I read the original article due to Zach posting it on his Twitter account. It upset me a little, because it seemed like you had a predetermined idea of who Zach is and were projecting that idea into his webcomic. When I first picked up SMBC, I didn't see the bashing of English majors, or any of the arrogance you wrote about. In fact, it's the intelligence in his humor that has kept me coming back daily for another one of his comics. The "stick with dick jokes" line bothered me as well because it's when he goes for the obvious dick joke that I don't find him funny.

I had figured that he would reply to who had posted the blog because when I, a simple admirer of the comic, emailed him and told him that I enjoyed reading SMBC he replied within 48 hours. It made me glad to see the record set straight about the relation between him and SMBC.

Critiquing web comics is a difficult thing, and it makes me happy to hear that you plan on talking with the creators in order to get a better understanding (at least, that was the impression I got). I wish you the best of luck in your venture!


I also read this article because it was posted at Zach's twitter account. I really have nothing to add and I'm sure this will come off as petty, but I have to ask anyway. Is the author really on track for a PhD in English? If so, please tell me that "per say" was just a simple typo, otherwise I'll admit to understanding the reason scientists are often unimpressed with English majors. I have made those kinds of mistakes before - writing down what a word sounds like rather than its actual spelling, but that's the kind of mistake proofreading is designed to prevent. Please restore my faith in the system and tell me that someone in possession of a masters in English knows this.
I assure you that I did not read this article looking for mistakes, but misspelled words tend to jump out at me, particularly when they come from someone claiming to be a master of the English language.


@concernedscientist/notanenglishmajor -- It wasn't a typo; it was a pun that you must have missed.


thank FSM. I was about to lose all faith in the educational system (what little I have left).

p.s. that is indeed one subtle pun.


I'm having trouble believing that an English PhD candidate didn't get the poststructuralist pun. I *only* have a BA myself and I got that. I don't get your "per say" pun; I still see it as a mistake that is, unfortunately, made far too often.

Care to enlighten me? Though you could always argue that it's not truly English, per se. Hah.


Umm... "Don't like it, Don't read it!" and "Don't love America, get out!" are so very very different. One is an acceptance that you (the author) aren't perfect, and that your work isn't for everyone. The other is a call to conform, to be more "American" and that if you don't, you can either leave or be removed.


I don't buy that "per say" is a pun, and I raise you a "expending my time".

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A pure heart allows all others their dance and unfolding, even if the others end their incarnation in death or disease.

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